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Investigative Gastro-Reportagen mit norddeutschem Charme

Kai Neumann is a creative chef who has become known through numerous television appearances.

With his charming northern German manner, he has become a permanent institution for the investigative reports of Galileo (Pro7) over the years. For his tests of dishes (including fish & chips in England or buffalo wings for the Superbowl in the USA), gastronomic recipes and restaurants, he is on location at the cooker or is sometimes filmed with a hidden camera.

His versatile culinary creations are also successful, for which he sometimes prepares food made of wood (Pro7) and cakes under 100kcal (Sat.1).

Excerpt from previous reportages:


  • the secret tricks of industrial food production

  • Wood.Food, Kai on the wood path, food made of wood

  • Fast Food in England, Fish & Chips, Indian

  • Franchise tests

Sat1 Total Gesund with Britt Hagedorn & Dr. Kurscheid


Arrange a non-binding preliminary talk at or call +49 170 541 68 38.

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